Teaching Hub Radio, Episode 2

Teaching Hub Radio a weekly blast of all things pedagogical from the Fleming College Learnign Design & Support Team

Breaking news! The Teaching Hub has been converted in to a radio show. We will continue to publish the blog post as a repository of the resources we mention, but the radio show is where all the fun happens. Here’s how it works. We reach out to individuals to contribute both a topic for the various Teaching Hub categories and a song to play on the radio. The radio show plays on VoicEd Radio, which has a full SOCAN license, giving us the opportunity to choose any song we want to hear. This week’s picks come from faculty, staff, and students from across the college. Next time it could be you! Let us know if you want to be part of it. Have a listen to the radio version here, or keep on reading!

Engaging Teaching – Teaching Tips & More!

Liz Stone, Academic Chair of Indigenous Studies in the School of General Arts & Sciences, shared her thoughts on how some of the tenets of Indigenous Pedagogy can and do translate into an online environment. She shared three main ways that you can work to embed Indigenous Pedagogy into your learning environments with quality and authenticity. First, maintain real-time inter-connectedness. That means face or voice time with students and with each other. Second, tell the stories of how your profession is dealing with the pandemic to try to maintain a connection to experiential learning. And finally, show yourself as a lifelong learner. Try not to be so much the sage on the stage; Be the guide on the side and show that you are still learning yourself.

And then Liz picked a killer song to represent how she got to where she is today. You’ll have to listen to the the episode hear what it is!

Learning Technology – Using the technology without it using us.

Katrina Van Osch-Saxon , faculty in Urban Forestry at Frost Campus, joined us to tell us about her experience with learning technology during the pandemic. You can imagine that her program is not a great fit for online learning, so the need to go online was a bit daunting at first. They turned to Webex to keep things going and… it worked! They were able to not only continue to deliver their content but also hold a celebratory ceremony for students and their families. Have a listen to hear more (and to hear the pretty little ditty that Katrina chose).

Trickle Down – Stuff to tell your students!

Cory Campbell, Student Engagement Coordinator and Kristen Roberts, Student Experience Assistant, joined us to chat about the Fleming Mobile app. The Fleming Peer Mentorship Program has been using the app to keep students up to date with events and to provide any guidance that they can offer. Students can also use it to keep in touch with each other. Something that could be extra useful right now! The two of them also picked a legendary Canadian ditty in honour of our neighbors in Bobcaygeon.

Keeping it Professional – Professional Learning Opportunities

And finally, on the professional learning side of things, Terry Greene offered up some advice from one of his heroes, Robin DeRosa from the Plymouth State University’s Open CoLab. The Rule of Twos: Keeping it Simple As You Go Remote for COVID-19. And Terry picks a song to help us slide through the pandemic with good posture.

And that’s it for this week’s Hub post! Check in with our weekly support schedule here to know when you can pop in to see us. Or email ldsteam@flemingcollege.ca any time.

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