Teaching Hub Radio, Episode 3

Teaching Hub Radio a weekly blast of all things pedagogical from the Fleming College Learnign Design & Support Team

Breaking news! The Teaching Hub has been converted in to a radio show. We will continue to publish the blog post as a repository of the resources that we mention, but the radio show is where all the fun happens. Here’s how it works. We reach out to individuals to contribute both a topic for the various Teaching Hub categories and a song to play on the radio. The radio show plays on VoicEd Radio, which has a full SOCAN license, giving us the opportunity to choose any song we want to hear. This week’s picks come from faculty, staff, and students from across the college. Next time it could be you! Let us know if you want to be part of it. Have a listen to the radio version here, or keep on reading!

Engaging Teaching – Teaching Tips & More!

Angela Pind, Academic Chair for the School of General Arts & Sciences, joined us to offer up some engaging teaching advice. Angela re-iterated that this is still emergency pedagogy and to try to maintain a big picture focus on your course outcomes and assessments. She suggested that everyone take advantage of trusted colleagues to bounce ideas off and to talk through that big picture.

And then Angela came in with an extra bonus suggestion to look to Open Educational Resources for some freely available awesomeness to add to your courses. Hey, there are some you can check out right here: The eCampusOntario Open Library! NICE.

And then, to top it all off, Angela led us out with some classic Corey Hart.

Learning Technology – Using the technology without it using us.

As Never Surrender’s epic saxophone solo faded away, we welcomed Tom Jenkins, faculty in GAS, to join us to chat about learning technology. Tom coordinates first semester communications courses which covers a large breadth of college programs. This responsibility gives Tom the opportunity to use the word co-terminously to great advantage. Tom discussed the COMM team’s use of blogging via WordPress, and the advantages of having that in place in advance of our current situation has for us in terms of digital literacy and fluency for faculty and students.

Tom then left us with a chilled out little number from Jason Collett.

Trickle Down – Stuff to tell your students!

At the best of times, we are often too far removed from what’s going on in the lives of students, so it was extra refreshing to hear from Chloe Craig of Fleming Student Administrative Council’s Board of Directors. Chloe told us about the daily activities that SAC are offering up for students and they all like sound life-affirming awesomeness. The programming includes daily fitness sessions, cooking shows, dinner dance parties, Kahoots and live concerts! What? They are rocking it!

And for a song, Chloe took us to the East Coast for some Great Big Sea with Good People.

Keeping it Professional – Professional Learning Opportunities

Teaching & Learning Specialist Mary Overholt returns to Teaching Hub Radio with a preview of the Teaching & Learning Week (aka Teaching & Learning a-pa-looza) which begins this Wednesday and runs through the following Wednesday (even though that is not technically a week). See the draft schedule here while you listen to a song from Amelia Curran.

Bonus Request!

This week we had our first guest from outside of Fleming College, and that guest is an absolute legend of educational technology, Alan Levine! Alan is collecting stories, from around the world, of learning to share just how the heck we are all managing our emergency pedagogy. It’s called Extraordinary Stories of Open and Online in the COVID-19 Era and he would love to hear from us. Head to https://splot.ca/extraordinary/ to share your story. It’s quick and painless and takes just a few minutes. You could probably have it done before Alan’s song from The Who finishes.

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