The Teaching Hub, Now-We’re-On-The-Radio Edition

Teaching Hub Radio a weekly blast of all things pedagogical from the Fleming College Learnign Design & Support Team

Breaking news! The Teaching Hub has been renovated and expanded. It is now a two-mode experience: blog post and radio show! Here’s how it works. We reach out to individuals to contribute both a topic for the various Teaching Hub categories and a song to play on the radio. The radio show plays on VoicEd Radio, which has a full SOCAN license, giving us the opportunity to choose any song we want to hear! This week’s picks all come from members of the Learning Design & Support Team. Next time it could be you! Let us know if you want to be part of it. Have a listen to the radio version here, or keep on reading!

Engaging Teaching – Teaching Tips & More!

Marcia Luke, Contract Faculty and Teaching and Learning Specialist in the Learning Design & Support Team, made the pick for Engaging Teaching this week. Marcia’s chose an article from Faculty Focus, which has some advice to help you help struggling students get through these online experiences that they didn’t sign up for and her song pick reflects our collective desire to see each other IRL again!

Learning Technology – Using the technology without it using us.

Alana Callan, Digital Learning Designer from the LDS Team, brings us the Learning Technology pick of the week and she wanted you to know about the Educational Technology Committee, a collection of folks working in the Learning Technology field at Ontario Colleges and all the work that they are doing to support us as we work to support you. A lovely reminder there are humans out there ready to help, not just technology tools. And for a song, Alana chose Lennie Gallant’s If These Walls Could Talk, a glimpse in to how she’s feeling working from home!

Trickle Down – Stuff to tell your students!

Mary Overholt, Teaching and Learning Specialist (aka Pedagogical Therapist) in the LDS Team, wanted to make sure that you know about the Student Emergency Fund, which is a place for folks who still have jobs to give a little to help those students reeling with the changes that have come upon them. See this page and take special note of the green GIVE button on the right hand side. And Mary’s pick of song also reflects the situation we are in, Donovan Woods’ On The Nights You Stay Home.

Keeping it Professional – Professional Learning Opportunities

Deborah Leal, Digital Learning Designer from the LDS Team, brings us this week’s PD offering. In the interest of time and flexibility, rather than suggesting a webinar to attend, Deborah thought it’d be a nice little bit of learning for you to read this article on managing the sustainability of this online in a hurry model. Maybe you could print it and read it while you walk in circles in your back yard while also enjoying Deb’s choice of song: Land of Confusion from Genesis.

And that’s it for this week’s Hub post! Check in with our weekly support schedule here to know when you can pop in to see us. Or email any time. On your way out, have a listen to Terry Greene’s song pick. In light of these strange times, Wicked and Weird, by Buck 65.

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