Week Ten, Winter 2020

Engaging Teaching

Teaching tips & more!

Professional Learning Networks

The professional learning network (PLN) is the working professional’s version of crowd surfing at a Busta Rhymes concert in 1998. In other words, it’s pretty awesome. A healthy network of colleagues can lift you up and carry you through what you need to get through. Want to see how you can help develop your own network of colleagues that can help lift you up and carry you to new heights? Check out the Ontario Extend’s Collaborator module.

Learning Technology

Using the technology without it using us.

Techno Connections

Speaking of PLNs, you can use some technology to enhance and expand the reach of your network. For example, do you want to connect with your educator peers at Fleming? Use Microsoft Teams to chat with each other (specifically, this one: the Virtual Teacher’s Lounge). Or if you want to connect with people in your field of expertise, maybe there is a healthy group of your peers there on Twitter or LinkedIn. Wherever they are, get in there and muck it up with them!

Trickle Down

Stuff to tell your students!

PLNs are for Everyone

Usually in this section we suggest an event coming up to tell your students about. But in a stunning turn of events, we found out that communication works both ways so hey, maybe you could ask them something for us? We’d like to know what they use to stay connected with each other outside of class and build their own networks. Is it Discord? Slack? Something they haven’t told us about? What is it? Maybe that conversation will go something like this.

Inner Workings

Helping you navigate the inner workings of the college

Let’s flip the script on this section, too. We normally want to tell you a bit about how the college works, but this week we want you to tell us something. What ways do you have to stay connected and build a professional learning network in your day-to-day job? You could let us know in the Teacher’s Lounge, by emailing us (hub@flemingcollege.ca), commenting below, or tweeting us (@FlemingLDS)

Keeping it Professional

Professional Learning Opportunities

PLN Renewal Time

If you want to join 30+ of your peers in an opportunity to grow your PLN, the Ontario Extend professional learning opportunity is still collecting names. If you’re interested, join us in May/June as we explore empowering ourselves as teachers, collaborators, curators, experimenters, technologists and scholars. Check out the details and add your name to the form here. Everyone (full-time, part-time, no-time) is welcome to join us for as much of it as you want!

Nicolas Cage GIF of The Week

We’ve been trying really hard to get you to ask us to stop posting a Nicolas Cage GIF of the week. Unsuccessfully. Maybe this one will do it. You can make this stop by emailing us at hub@flemingcollege.ca with the heading “Just Stop It”.

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