Week Nine, Winter 2020

Engaging Teaching

Teaching tips & more!

When in Doubt, Look to Bonni

Frost faculty member Erin McGauley has excellent taste in educators to look up to, as she recently shared a link to Bonni Stachowiak’s article about how to keep a good pace in your classes. Check out Bonni’s beloved podcast while you’re at her site!

Learning Technology

Using the technology without it using us.

Free Stuff

Where should you go when you need access to 3 million 2D and 3D images that you are absolutely allowed (and encouraged) to freely use? Why, the Smithsonian’s newly released Open Access page, of course! That’s the good stuff.

Trickle Down

Stuff to tell your students!

Library ILC Workshops

If you copy the following: https://mycampus.flemingcollege.ca/group/portal/information-literacy-certificate, and then paste that stuff into a place where your students will see it and maybe click it, you will set off a chain of events that could lead to a life of skillful database searching, presentation giving, source evaluating, plagiarism avoiding, and proper citing. And that’s the good life we’re all trying to live here.

Inner Workings

Helping you navigate the inner workings of the college

Last week was PD week. This week is Give Us Feedback On The PD Week Week. Stay tuned to the daily Communications emails this week for an opportunity to let us know what you thought of the opportunities you attended. Maybe frame your feedback in a compliment sandwich if you want to take the gentle approach.

Keeping it Professional

Professional Learning Opportunities

Open Education Week

This week is not just PD Week Feedback Week as mentioned above. More globally, it is known as Open Education Week. Check out all of the events here, and see if you can spot one that we are leading from right here at Fleming College!

Nicolas Cage GIF of The Week

Five weeks in and still going, so your Nicolas Cage GIF of the week shows how he feels that no one has yet put a stop to this. You can make this stop by emailing us at hub@flemingcollege.ca with the heading “Just Stop It”.

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