Week Six, Winter 2020

Engaging Teaching

Teaching tips & more!

Extending an Invitation

Ontario Extend is a resource designed to help empower educators to create engaging technology-enabled learning experiences for their learners. This May and June, concurrent with Academic Renewal, we will facilitate a group of Fleming educators through the program. Participants will receive a digital badge for every module they complete, and the Empowered Educator micro-credential if all modules are completed. We are in the beginning stages of organizing and would just like to collect names of anyone interested in joining us for all or part of the experience. It will take approximately 3 hours/week from the beginning of May to mid-June. Pop your name in here if you are interested!

Learning Technology

Using the technology without it using us.

A Gateway to D2L

When new students and faculty join us in our lovely Fleming College community they may be asking themselves “What the heck is D2L?” Good question! We’ve tried to distill the answer to that question by including a simple “who, what, when, where, why, how” of D2L itself and a few of its most useful tools in the Fleming College TechBank. If you go to either the D2L for Students or D2L for Faculty categories, you’ll see that overview (which provides links to tutorials etc if needed). It’s not quite fully fleshed out yet, so we’d love to hear your feedback on how to make it better.

Trickle Down

Stuff to tell your students!

For Pete’s Sake

Tell your students they’re invited to Fleming Night at the @PetesOHLhockey on Feb. 13! Tickets are on sale now at the Sutherland and Frost campus stores for $10. If you’re unable to visit these campus stores, please contact studentexperience@flemingcollege.ca and they will help. Go Pete’s Go! Get more goals than that other team!

Inner Workings

Helping you navigate the inner workings of the college

You Got a New Way To Walk

Have a listen to this while you ingest the following information: During the Fleming College Faculty & Staff PD Week (Feb 24-28), Monday to Thursday at noon you will get the chance(s) to join in on the Fleming Colleagues Walk & Roll meet-ups at Sutherland! It is a delightful experience. Head to the Transportation Lounge at noon to join!

Keeping it Professional

Professional Learning Opportunities

Kawartha Teaching and Technology Conference

It’s close to home and only $50! You’re not going to get a much better chance to attend an educational technology conference this year than the Kawartha Teaching & Technology Conference! Held at Trent on Thursday, March 5th. Sessions, keynotes, workshops and panel discussions will be organized within three broad topic areas:

  • Leveraging Technology for Inclusionary Practice
  • On the Horizon – Emerging Tools & Strategies for Teaching and Learning
  • Implications of Cybersecurity and Privacy on Teaching and Learning

Hope to see you there!

Nicolas Cage GIF of The Week

On the FlemingLDS Twitter account we ran a poll to see what you think is missing from the Teaching Hub. The winning answer? Nicolas Cage GIFs. So here you go. You will see a Nicolas Cage GIF every week until you tell us to stop. You can make it stop by leaving a heartfelt plea to do so in the comments below. Incidentally, you are always welcome to chat with us in the comments!

Get In Touch

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