Week Four, Winter 2020

Engaging Teaching

Teaching tips & more!

Culturally Responsive Teaching

In reading this article it’s great to find out that by working toward providing learning experiences in a UDL-y way (Universal Design for Learning) it will also likely make you a more culturally responsive teacher. That’s like a Buy-One-Get-One Free deal!

Simply providing choice for students in terms of the input of information, or their own output, is a step toward a culturally responsive classroom, as is inherent in the guiding principles of UDL.

Gwen Bass, PhD, and Michael Lawrence-Riddell

Learning Technology

Using the technology without it using us.

The Tech Bank

It’s still a work in progress, but like the seemingly as-yet unfinished Death Star in Return of the Jedi, this thing is operational. The Fleming Digital Learning Technologies Inventory, aka the Tech Bank, is a space to get a quick and dirty run-down of which learning technologies are available to us (faculty and students), and to get a sense of how and why one might want to use it. Have a look at the Faculty category to see what’s there, and let us know what’s missing and/or how to make it as useful as possible!

Trickle Down

Stuff to tell your students!

Your Own Terms and Conditions

From 5-6 pm on January 28th in room 253A (at Frost Campus), there is a free workshop for students to help work toward living your life on your own terms:

The STOP PUSHING MY BUTTONS! Workshop will help participants move away from reaction, defensiveness and blame towards understanding the power behind thoughts and feelings. Learn how to identify and deactivate your buttons with strategic tools and techniques.

It may take more than one hour to achieve this, so we’re thinking there may be some post-workshop stuff to do. Students can register at Health Services Rm 254 (at Frost).

Inner Workings

Helping you navigate the inner workings of the college

Policies & Procedures

In some instances, for some people, once in an occasional blue, waning moon, it can be a trifle dry to read up on policies and procedures. But some say they are an important part of running a tight ship, so we have a few here at Fleming. When you’re ready you can find them here. Let us know which is your favourite!

Keeping it Professional

Professional Learning Opportunities

Virtual Lunch n’ Learns from Ed-Tech Ontario

The ETC is a committee of ed-tech enthusiasts from all of Ontario’s colleges. One of the things that they do is run a series of webinars throughout the semester. And the new calendar is out! First up, on February 5th is a webinar entitled Listen Up: Podcasts as the new “Textbook” hosted by Audrey Wubbenhorst of Humber College. See the whole list here. Sounds intriguing!

Get In Touch

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