Welcome to the Contract Faculty Experience

Welcome to the Contract Faculty Experience

Let’s begin by imagining what you need for a good start to your teaching at Fleming College. The Contract Faculty Experience learning goals identify some of the opportunities and challenges for new faculty.

Learning Goals

  1. Build familiarity with faculty roles, responsibilities, and resources at Fleming College to support the success of all students. 
  2. Use effective evidence-based practices for instructional planning, lesson planning and instruction which include all students. 
  3. Critically self-assess strengths and weaknesses through reflective practice. 

You may have some worries or concerns about starting teaching at Fleming.  Before your first day, you have the New Contract Faculty Experience to help you prepare. This program will provide structure and support for your early days as a new faculty member.

The online New Contract Faculty Experience is designed to support new contract faculty as you become familiar with your roles and responsibilities at Fleming College. This support happens by connecting to our professional community, resources, and services, and by encouraging continuous learning and development. This program emphasizes high-impact instructional skills and practices which help you build sustainable and effective teaching strategies that support the success of all learners.

The Layout of this Course:

This course is set up with 8 modules that will provide you with critical information to help you get started on your teaching journey. Each module contains content including videos, links, and readings, as well as, an activity for you to try. Each module should take you about 15 to 30 minutes to complete including the activity. In total, he New Contract Faculty Experience takes four hours to complete and you will be compensated for this time. Please make sure to complete a timesheet (available through HR or your school office) when you are finished. We will provide instructions at the end of the modules.

Each module will provide you with information on a specific topic:

Module 1: Fleming and You
Module 2: Fleming Services
Module 3: Getting Started with D2L 
Module 4: Course Outlines
Module 5: Engaging Learners
Module: 6 Introduction to Assessment
Module 7: Media & Materials
Module 8: Classroom Community

We are here for you!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Learning Design and Support Team either through email or by phone at extension 1216.