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If you’ve been reading news on the interwebs for more than a couple years, you’ll have no doubt realized there are 2 ways to make a successful article. Making a well written, informative, and engaging article is the best way. The other way is to insert a clickbait title with a clickbait picture and bingo bongo! Get that good ‘bait’ money.

Case in point, this so called ‘Science Reporter’ (Not a real job title) Ivan Semeniuk. He threw up an article on The Globe and Mail in 2016, took 2 years to realize he bungled the job, then went back and edited it in 2018. His horrendously mind numbing take on Canada’s endangered species list starts off strong with a clickbait title. “After a long wait, 11 new names added to Canada’s list of species at risk”.

Couldn’t think of a longer title eh Ivan? That should be irresistible to any bleeding heart Environmentalist. Insert picture of cute fluffy animal and you’ve got yourself some baits. I’ll save my few loyal readers from ingesting that drivel. Its just a long-winded attempt at saying something that contains useful information with a few jabs at the Conservatives (just for good measure). These 11 ‘species’, while accurate, is wholly misleading to the general public. 7 of those ‘species’ are flies, fungus, and a slug. Yeah, bet all your eyes are really tearing up over those ‘species’. Sure, biodiversity is important for a plethora of reasons, but Ivan is getting us riled up over the imminent death of 11 cute and cuddly critters when its really just 1 rabbit that looks like a rat, 3 birds, and some pests.

Plus, Mr. Science Reporter didn’t bother explaining what’s being done if anything to protect the species added to Canada’s Endangered Species List. Listing the species is a great first step but I doubt the lichen (read fungus) gives a Collared Pika’s ass. Lets hear about stopping the spread of urban sprawl. Maybe tell us about how pushing the development and use of clean technology can benefit not just the environment but even the economy. The forestry business is a crucial part of our economy, but it negatively affects some of these ecosystems that your flies and fungus live in. We already have vertical farming as a viable solution to the destruction agriculture has wrought (that means you soy boys!), so it shouldn’t take an Einstein or even an Ivan to bring that up as a viable strategy against deforestation.

I say, if humans stop meddling, the planet will sort itself out. If that rat looking Pika survives too, then Great! Otherwise:

And heres my name to say so.



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