Peer Critique of Field Notes for Week 7 Field Trip – Blog6

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Connor Gass and Jared Kiddle field notes for Stop 2: Victoria County Forest.

The Field Trip took place on 16 October 2019. Stop 2 was at Victoria County Forest and occurred between 1210 and 1220. Conditions included 100% cloud cover, 11° C temperature, and steady rain. Students Connor and Jared observed that it was wet and raining with a light wind. They noted that there were no animals. The location is described as a red pine plantation with Precambrian bedrock. The students did not slip at this stop.

Connor and Jared’s field notes were on the messy side of still being neat and legible. They included enough information to make it easy to understand their experience at Stop 2. However, there is no information about understory vegetation, organic debris, or surface soils.

I figure these were good field notes. It was our first time attempting to keep field notes in the actual field. Considering the conditions, we were in, namely, being soaked to the gills, seeing that Connor and Jared were able to keep their wits about them and write down their observations is already admirable. Merely based on how thorough these notes were after having little to no structured training from the college, its safe to assume the next time these two scholars hit the field, they’ll make some real outstanding notes. I would expect the field notes next round to look neater and contain information they may have overlooked this time through.

I’m well aware that if we compare these field notes to that of a professional with experience, we might be able to give Connor and Jared a generous 5/10.

On the other hand, I’m looking at their work for what it was. A first attempt to gain practical experience in less than ideal weather conditions. In that case, I give their work a well-deserved 10/10.

And heres my name to say so.

D.A. Mills