Occam’s Razor

While applying Occam’s Razor, it is clear that there are two explanations, one saying the Illuminati is, in fact, active and controlling our society. The other saying the opposite that the Illuminati is not active. Throughout the endless research, an abundance of assumptions are being made in the case that the Illuminati is indeed still […]

Blog # Two – Believer Mode ( 562 )

Evidence Refuting the Claim that the Illuminati is active and controlling our society. Example #1 – The symbol on the US Dollar Bill  On the US dollar bill, there is a floating pyramid, the roman numeral for 1776 at the bottom of the pyramid and the floating eye. These are symbols for the Illuminati  https://people.howstuffworks.com/10-things-people-believe-about-illuminati5.htm […]

Concussion Protocols are Necessary for the NFL (444 words)

In 2007 the NFL started to realize that there needed to be a guideline in the NFL to protect players. Even with these guidelines retired players and ongoing players death rate still raised, then the concussion protocol was put into place until 2009, this concussion protocol is to protect the players on the football field. […]

Blog Ten – All college courses should not be 100% online (281) 

Even though there are many benefits of having online courses, it would not be best for all courses to be 100% online. Having a professor physically in front of you, allows you to better understand his or her body language, tone, volume and so on. These things help you to interpret and recall the information being […]

Blog Nine – Since I Am Vegetarian Doesn’t Mean Everyone Should Be (302)

The question I am always asked is; why are you a vegetarian? My answer has grown little by little every time. I became a vegetarian for the reason that people are killing animals less humane now then back a few years ago. This is upsetting because we have the resources and technology to put these animals down […]