Final Decision

One of the most well-known conspiracy theories is that the Illuminati is still active and plays a role in controlling our society. In the first blog I wrote, my initial thoughts on the theory were undetermined. I was not sure if the Illuminati was still active or not. As I progressed through the semester, I learned how to break down and examine the theory. Furthermore, with learning those skills I wrote blogs on the theory about the history behind it, the evidence to support the claim, and evidence that could prove the claim wrong. The semester advanced and I continued to learn more about different types of conspiracy theories and different techniques. I used these techniques and by developing critical thinking skills to examine the theory of the Illuminati. My thoughts have grown on the Illuminati over the semester. I now read and try to cross-check it with other websites and youtube videos to make sure I am getting the most reliable information. 

As stated above, my thoughts at the beginning of the semester were undetermined about the Illuminati. I had only heard about the Illuminati as a joke, and so I believed I did not have the information to make a statement. As the term progressed, my thinking on the theory began to change. At first, I completely believed that there was a secret society controlling our government from the shadows. Suddenly near the end of the semester, I began unravelling the evidence behind the theory and came to the verdict that the Illuminati is no longer active and is not controlling our society from the shadows. I came to this verdict from analyzing all the information I have gathered over the semester. When applying Occam’s razor to the theory, you can see that the arguments supporting the Illuminati are all assumptions based and have no backbone, these theories can easily be disproven. Therefore the verdict is that the Illuminati is no longer active and is not controlling our society.

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