Occam’s Razor

While applying Occam’s Razor, it is clear that there are two explanations, one saying the Illuminati is, in fact, active and controlling our society. The other saying the opposite that the Illuminati is not active. Throughout the endless research, an abundance of assumptions are being made in the case that the Illuminati is indeed still active and controlling our society where there are more facts to show that the Illuminati is not active anymore.

What seems more realistic, that the floating pyramid, the roman numeral 1776 on the bottom of the pyramid, and the floating eye on the US dollar bill are symbols to show the power of the Illuminati and to prove they are real, and in control. Perhaps it seems more realistic that these symbols were carefully thought out by their founding fathers to represent strength, duration, divinity, a representation of the nation still to be discovered, and to show love to the year America declared independence (1776). Again what seems more realistic, that our government is militarizing the police so that one-day, the Illuminati will be able to take over and get the police to take control of the public in an instant. Alternatively, that the police have become more burdensome in weapons and military gear because our country has had some brutal attacks against it, and the government wants to make sure they are ready for the next attack no matter what. When applying Occam’s Razor is seems more logical that the Illuminati is no longer active since there are fewer assumptions made and more reasonable evidence for the claim.

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