Blog # Three – Denier Mood (529)

Evidence Refuting the Claim that the Illuminati is not Active and controlling our society.

Example #1 – The symbol on the US Dollar Bill 

On the US dollar bill, there is a floating pyramid, the roman numeral for 1776 at the bottom of the pyramid and the floating eye. These are symbols for the Illuminati

Example #2 – Militarizing the police. 

The police are more heavy-armed than ever. Small towns have drones, armed trucks, and heavy weapons like machine guns.

Example #3 – Celebrities

Celebrities are controlled or replaced with drowns. Famous people like Beyoncé and Britney Spears have been seen to blank out for minutes on end. Celebrities are also using hand gestures like the triangle and the okay sign, also known as the devil number six repeating three times. Implying they are acknowledging or giving recognition to the Illuminati.

Example #4 – George.W. Bush Sates that we are going into a New World Order. Supposedly some people believe that the New World Order is another name for the Illuminati.


These can be easily explained with some fact-checking and take time to look at all the sources. The flooding triangle, roman numerals for 1776 at the bottom of the triangle and the flooding eye on the US dollar bill are well-thought-out processes, the pyramid was a sign of strength and duration, and the shadow on the pyramid was a representation of the nation still to be discovered. The eye at the top of the pyramid was a suggestion to change the seal by Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and John Admas, who wanted a symbol of divine providence. That symbol is an ancient symbol of divinity. Finally, the letters at the bottom are Roman numerals for 1776 the year America declared independence. Then there is also the question of why the police are so heavily armed nowadays? The police are more heavy-armed than ever because of the increase in terrorist attacks and threats to our country. There is also the evidence of celebrities blanking out or using hand gestures to suggest they are in the Illuminati. Celebrities often blank out at times because of the high stress they are put under at times and pour diets they are forced to have because of performance depends, and these hand gestures are propaganda to gain more followers. The final piece of evidence is when Gorge. W. Bush talked about bringing America into a new world order. The new world order is a phrase used by many governments to explain how a group of people are elected. Then that person will make choices for the better of there people. President Bush could have quickly just meant he was looking for a new era in which the nations of the world can prosper and live in harmony. 

Overall the evidence that has been presented can be pretty persuasive. However, with some research and fact-checking can filter out what is just opinion and what the facts are.

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