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The Illuminati

The theory I will be investigating for my blog assignments over the span of this course is that the Illuminati is, in fact, real and has controlled our society for years. 

The Illuminati was said to have been started back in the fifteenth century by a group known as the Bavarian Illuminati. This was a secret society created by Adam Weishaupt on May 1, 1977. As Scottberg states, “He wanted to connect with like-minded free-thinkers, so he decided to start his secret society, and The Order of the Illuminati was born”(Scottberg 2020). In 1784 Joseph Utzshneider wrote a letter to the Grand Duchess of Bavaria that outed the groups’ and their beliefs. Later in 1785, secret societies were banned and in 1787 it was an offence punishable by death. Society was accordingly over, and that was the end of the Illuminati. Though this conspiracy has been suggested to be still alive and running, controlling our society. 

I chose this topic to write on because I found it intriguing. I acquired this conspiracy from continuously hearing about Illuminati and the alleged people who are in this secret society. As I fell more into the conspiracy theory’s rabbit hole, I started watching a youtube artist named Shane Dawson. A few of his videos are about how the Illuminati could supposedly be controlling our government, celebrities, and our overall whole society. My thoughts on this theory are new, I know the basics to talk about the theory, but now I have the drive to search more into the overall conspiracy. I do consider that there might be a possibility of a secret society working to continue to ‘enlighten’ and control how we run our government and or society.


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