Concussion Protocols are Necessary for the NFL (444 words)

In 2007 the NFL started to realize that there needed to be a guideline in the NFL to protect players. Even with these guidelines retired players and ongoing players death rate still raised, then the concussion protocol was put into place until 2009, this concussion protocol is to protect the players on the football field. As Vacher states “A concussion protocol is an organization’s set of policies, tools, and assessments for caring for a concussion. It outlines how the concussion care team prepares for and responds to this injury” (Vacher, 2019). These rules are waited so heavily because of the NFL’s past with concussion to football players. 

The NFL stands for National Football League. The NFL is a game where you use strategy, brute force and, rely on your teammates to help to win that game. Football is a great game to watch and means many things to many people throughout the decades. The roughness isn’t as bad now in 2019 then it was from 1920 (when the NFL started) to 2014. It seemed like the perfect sport, you got to work with a team to win but also got to smash into people. That’s when head trauma’s started but weren’t recognized. Scientists believe that repeated head trauma can most likely cause CTE. CTE stands for chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a neurodegenerative disease associated with repeated head trauma. Symptoms include depression, aggression, disorientation, ext (NFL Concussion Fast Facts, 2019).

Mike Webster whom at fifty years old committed suicide. Pittsburgh Steelers’ Mike Webster was a center for the Pittsburgh Steelers and also the first to identify CTE as an American football player. Jovan Belcher former Kansas City Chiefs linebacker shot and killed his girlfriend then himself in December of 2012 (NFL Concussion Fast Facts, 2019). Former Philadelphia Egles defensive back Andre Waters committed suicide in November of 2006, he did so by stepping onto the pool deck of his Tampa home with a .32-caliber. Andre Waters died at 44 years old. He, as well as the others, had CTE (Natale, n.d.). 

Their stories and every other player who suffered from CTE  are why concussion protocol is so importin and necessary in the league of NFL and overall football. The heavy pressures that go into making sure a player is good to go back into the game are extremely importin. If there is any question that a player might have a concussion they are pulled out from the game. The league might have not realizing what the risk of a head injury was back in 1920 to 2007, but now it is necessary to make sure concussion protocols are followed and improved as years go on. 


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