Blog Ten – All college courses should not be 100% online (281) 

Even though there are many benefits of having online courses, it would not be best for all courses to be 100% online. Having a professor physically in front of you, allows you to better understand his or her body language, tone, volume and so on. These things help you to interpret and recall the information being presented. Having a physical class always allows you to ask questions and get answers right away so you can continue working.  An online course would have you email the professor, but if they are busy it might take them up to a day to get back to you. It is harder to organize and get your work done in a timely fashion if you cannot receive a response on time. Having a class online, you also miss out on social connections with people that are in the same field of study. Without a physical class, you risk becoming isolated and socially absent from your environment. 

In my personal experience, and in the experience of fellow classmates, having a professor/teaching physically in the classroom helps tremendously. It greatly affects our education because people like me with learning challenges need the extra support that is hard to receive online. Going to school provides students with a sense of purpose and lets them escape their home life, as well as provides them with a safe place to go.  

Looking at the information I have provided above I do not agree with making all college courses 100% online. As a Fleming college student, I know that I have benefited from being able to sit in a classroom to learn, I also know that fellow classmates prefer it as a while. 

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