Blog Nine – Since I Am Vegetarian Doesn’t Mean Everyone Should Be (302)

The question I am always asked is; why are you a vegetarian? My answer has grown little by little every time. I became a vegetarian for the reason that people are killing animals less humane now then back a few years ago. This is upsetting because we have the resources and technology to put these animals down in a more humane way. In the same thought, when most people kill a mammal, they only take the parts they want and leave everything else behind. I don’t believe that this is right, if you are going to end an animal’s life for your personal gain then you should use every part of that said animal. At least give the parts that you wouldn’t want to someone who could use it, not letting it go to waste. Even with my strong belief in mind, I still don’t believe everyone should become vegetation. 

I don’t believe everyone should become vegetation even though I am. People should have the choice to choose to eat meat or not. If they do choose to eat meat, then making sure you are doing it right and with respect to the animal. If everyone did want to become a vegetarian there would some good kickback but also some bad kickbacks. The populate of some mammals could skyrocket and be overpopulated over time. At the same time, people in the livestock industry would become jobless, these people would now have to find a new way to support themselves. 

Overall, I believe in being a vegetarian for my reasons listed above, and for the fact that I just don’t prefer meat products. The way we are getting most of our meat products is not morally right. If this could change, I believe that it wouldn’t be best for everyone to become vegetation.  

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