Blog #5 – Annotated Bibliography on Nighthawk (275)

While reading the article about the common nighthawk I found that this was a great resource for my prolife. It talks about their habits, food, nesting areas, behavior habits, and the overall conservation of the nighthawk.   A few interesting facts that I discovered was that common nighthawks will lay their eggs directly on the ground, which may […]

Blog #4 – The Life Behind Kangaroo’s (276).​ Kangaroos are an amazing species to study and learn. There are four species of kangaroo, the Red Kangaroos, Antilopine Kangaroos, Eastern Grey and Western Grey Kangaroo. This profile helps to show some of their great growth rates and behaviour habits. This is a great article and profile for anyone who wants to learn more about kangaroos. While I was reading the article […]