I have two kids. As usual my voice has gone right over my kids heads; which is an odd thing to say as my five year old is pretty much the same height as me. You’d think it would hit him right in the eyes staring at me as I’m yelling at them 400 times in 10 minutes to get their boots on!

Having kids are incredibly difficult! You fight with them, you love them, you can’t stand the sight of them and then you can’t miss a day without them. Have kids they said, it will be fun!

I’ve been trying for the last 5 hours how I’m going to write a profile. Leaving, coming back. Leaving, coming back. The struggles are real when you have two kids running around and looking for constant attention. A dear friend of mine directed me towards some “mom blogs” to get some inspiration and maybe some humour to start. As my daughter is having another time out, what perfect time to come back to my desk and try this profile thing again.

In her profile, Heather M. Jones (2019) uses a great example of the reality we, as parents, face each and everyday: “But then I once yelled through the bathroom door at my fighting children that if I had to get off the toilet to deal with them, I would wipe shit on everybody. I did not follow through on that threat” (para. 8).

This is something I can honestly relate with! I remember this time last year when both my kids were sitting at the table eating their chicken fingers and fries; a traditional meal in our house. I was probably busy doing laundry, cooking, and cleaning and I heard my kids fighting and bickering with each other. I stopped what I was doing, for the tenth time, to go see what first world problems were happening in the dining room. They were fighting over whose chicken finger was whose and why it was sitting on the other person’s plate. Someone didn’t want to eat it and was trying to blame one another for not eating it! Chicken fingers. My kids fight over one chicken finger. In the end I got the confession out with bribery and threats of taking away their desert. I won and they both got their desert.

The point is, as normal, average, and regular surviving parents we make threats to our kids all the time to try and get them to listen. Kids will be kids; I think that we will forever be telling them 400 times in 10 minutes to put their boots on. Hopefully one day when they have moved out they will remember their mother yelling at them to GET YOUR BOOTS ON but probably not.

Heather M. Jones. January 13, 2019. 13 Steps To Making An Idle Threat. https://filterfreeparents.com/13-steps-to-making-an-idle-threat/