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Creative problem-solving

According to Ken Robinson, creativity is the process of having original ideas that have value. It is a process; it’s not random.


Being creative isn’t always easy. It is often difficult to encourage creative thinking from a team.  One of the best ways to get better results from the team is by conducting brainstorming sessions and welcoming the bad ideas too.

Brainstorming sessions:


Brainstorming is an approach to problem-solving with lateral thinking in a relaxed and informal approach. During brainstorming sessions, people should avoid criticizing or rewarding ideas. We try to open up possibilities and break down incorrect assumptions about the problem’s limits. Judgment and analysis at this stage stop idea generation and limit creativity.

Once the ideas are copied, we try to evaluate the ideas and explore solutions further, using conventional approaches.


During my work experience as a Civil Engineer. I worked for a company called Ecoren energy India private limited, which is into the generation of electricity using wind turbines. As a civil engineer, my role was to erect the wind turbines. Usually, the turbines are installed at a higher altitude, where the speed of the wind is very high. To do the construction of wind turbine foundations, we need to construct the roads for transportation. Our project got struck with the construction of the road as the entire project area is hilly terrain.

To overcome this, we conducted a few brainstorming sessions and asked everyone to come up with ideas, irrespective of the judgment. We have generated at least 50 opinions in a day. Many of them were good. We did find it challenging to get the best idea. The other day we did grab all the opinions and tried to cluster similar ideas, made a Hitlist of them. While we were going through the list, we tried to decide on the approaches by conducting small voting on each hitlist. We finally got the three best ideas we can work on for our project.

Source: Original; Use of Core Drilling machines and breaking the hills.

Some of the best ideas are the use of explosives to blast the hilly terrains, the use of core driller machines, the use of excavators, outsourcing the work to an external contractor.

We have decided to use all the above ideas for different terrains. For example, out of 10 turbine locations, we have outsourced a subcontractor for three places, the use of explosives at 4 locations, use of core drilling machines for the other three points.

Source: Original. The above picture determines successful completion of roads and leveling of the road progress.

The above methodology has helped us in landing with three great ideas and finish the project within the estimated schedule.

Source: Original.

The above picture represents the successful start for the construction of wind turbine foundations after laying of roads.


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