Impacts of Everyday

Impacts of Everyday

Thinking back to Blog 3 that I posted about the article “After long wait, 11 new names added to Canada’s list of species at risk” by Ivan Semenuik I continue to be disappointed in the Canadian government system. I am dumbfounded by their lack of concern and action taken towards protecting Canada’s diverse wildlife and vegetation.

Now reading “60% of World’s Wildlife has been Wiped Out Since 1970” by Emily Chung has only fueled my disappointment, not only in the Canadian government but in world leaders everywhere. Chung (2018) quotes Benjamin Freeman stating “That really is the main way humans are impacting plants and animals. [regarding the dramatic declining of tropical birds at high elevations] We’re changing the landscape so there’s many fewer of them.” I believe as humans we are very selfish and do things that benefit us and our own personal gains. We do not look at the grand picture that encompasses the earth and all that is in it, such as tropical birds at elevation. We are very much a society of out of sight, out of mind.

Obviously, something needs to change to help save not only wildlife in Canada but all around the world. We face global warming, deforestation, pollution and many more major stressors on environment. This is no one persons job or responsibility to fix. We all impact the earth in different ways and can be more conscientious of what we are doing and be proactive in making a change. However, with that being said, I do believe people who have a greater impact and influence on people and communities need to step up. The government, large companies and the media can play a bigger part than they have been in the past to make a change in the way the world works. No matter how small or big an impact is, it can help to start making change in the world to being healthier and more balanced.


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